Dear Travel Agent:

Thank you for your interest in booking cruises through Carnival’s internet booking application system (the "Internet Booking Application"). Before you can use our Internet Booking Application, you will need to obtain a user I.D. and password. Thereafter, you will need to successfully enter your user I.D. and password prior to accessing the Internet Booking Application.

Additionally, we require an owner or manager registered from your travel agency who shall act as your "Security Administrator." The person must be someone with managerial authority or higher who will be responsible for oversight of all aspects of the travel agency's internal policies relating to use of Carnival's Internet Booking Application, including, but not limited to, control over whom at your agency may access the Internet Booking Application and how they may do so, and maintaining and securing your travel agency’s password(s).

Please note that access to our Internet Booking Application is to be limited solely to your agency's employees or travel agents. If you violate this, Carnival may take away your right to use the Booking Application. Also note that Carnival is under no duty to verify the identity of your owner or manager. Further, it is your responsibility to inform Carnival in writing if you change your Security Administrator and to otherwise control your internal procedures.


We require the owner or manager of your agency or someone of similar authority to review and approve your access request.

If you have questions, please contact us at 0845 351 0556.  Otherwise, please complete the request for information and execute the application as specified. We look forward to receiving the completed application soon so that you may begin booking Carnival cruises online!

I have read the above information and agree with the terms and conditions of Carnival Cruise Lines' Internet booking application.

Agree Exit